Workshop mit Jérémy Cuna

Hypnosis is an efficient and versatile tool to help most of the patients, with their fear, stress, pain, trauma, etc. Mostly, hypnotist uses it with his patient during a session; sometimes, he teaches how to use self-hypnosis, in order to help him to pursue the healing process.

However, few hypnotists use self-hypnosis to take care of themselves, for their professional life. Indeed, healing people can be worrying or stressful; this may lead to exhaustion, anger, withdrawal, addictive behaviors.

The first aim of this workshop is to present some theory about burnout syndrome: which signs? which symptoms? This workshop will also provide the participants with self-hypnosis tools specific to professional well-being.


  • Discovering general theory on burn out syndrome: sign, symptoms, development.
  • Knowing the rules that facilitate the use of self-hypnosis
  • Learning specific technics of self-hypnosis dedicated to professional well-being: stopping the thoughts, regain energy, fast technic.


Jérémy Cuna
Psychologist and Trainer in hypnosis for Emergences