Workshop mit Stéphanie Delacour

It is frequent for patients to feel apprehension, fear or even anxiety when having to undergo dental or medical care. For several years, doctors from various specialties have been sending me patients in order to rapidly bring them security in relation to their coming care.

My professional experience and my various trainings have brought me to increase my focusing, with patients, on the body, coupled with hypnosis. This workshop will provide medical professionals with tools on how to use the patients’ ressources concerning body and previous security experiences, in order to potentiate and establish ressources as fast fast as possible for the care.

This workshop will also present the notion of ‘therapeutic link’ and of ‘objective’ (for the patient AND for the therapist) aiming at creating the strongest and the most secure link as possible.


  • Observing the patient’s emotional state and body
  • Using body rules
  • What questions to be asked


  • Using body rules coupled with hypnosis
  • Reconnecting with former security and stability experiences using hypnosis


Stéphanie Delacour
Psychologist and Trainer in hypnosis for Emergences