from science to clinical applications

Workshop mit Emmanuel Boselli

Hypnoanesthesia is becoming more and more popular in the anesthetic field to reduce pain or anxiety in patients undergoing various procedures, as reported in various scientific publications. Among them, a recent monitor called ANI assessing the parasympathetic tone was recently released to optimize opioid administration during general anesthesia1. The ANI was also studied during hypnosis, with increased values observed during hypnotic sessions, providing objective measurement of the anesthetic trance.2,3 Other studies have also assessed variations in skin temperature of the hand measured by infrared thermography during the creation of a hypnotic glove compared to the other hand, and assessed the efficacy of the hypnotic glove.4

The aim of this workshop is to present the results of these different studies, present the ANI device and describe the technique of the „three-layers hypnotic glove“ taught at Émergences institute.


  • Present the results of scientific studies published in the hypnoanesthesia field
  • Present the ANI monitor and its potential clinical application in hypnoanesthesia
  • Learning the technique of the „three-layers hypnotic glove“ with videos and live demonstration using ANI
  • Provide a scientific rational for hypnoanesthesia techniques


Emmanuel Boselli, MD, PhD
Anesthesiologist, Pierre-Oudot hospital center, Bourgoin-Jallieu
Associate teacher and researcher, University Claude Bernard Lyon I, Lyon
Trainer in hypnoanesthesia and hypnoanalgesia, Émergences Institute, Rennes (France)


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