… that opens the journey to the unconscious

mit Gaby Golan

The workshop will use formal and Ericksonien (non-formal) hypnosis to enable the crossing of the conscious / unconscious boundaries and enter into the area of ​​early memories. Hypnosis allows a person to connect deeply to the unconscious in order to meet his history in a unique way in which he has the opportunity to revive his dreams, his secrets, wishes and fantasies, and on the other hand gives the strength to confront his nightmares and survival fears.

In this workshop, we will experience the healing forces that are present in each.

The workshop will last one day in order to allow participants a variety of experiences in hypnotic techniques and gradual transition from rational and critical thinking of daily life to experience entering the inner world, repressed memories and unconsciousness. Experiences of this kind allow us to become better acquainted with ourselves and to better connect with different parts of our personalities, and thus to reach healing processes and completion.

The workshop will be experiencing dynamic and will relate to group dynamic processes. There is no need for prior knowledge or experience in hypnosis.

The workshop will be held while sitting and lying on mattresses and pillows. Please come with comfortable clothes. The workshop will be given in English with a possible translation to German


Dr. Gaby Golan – clinical and medical psychologist, instructor, licensed to practice and teach hypnosis, the National Hemophilia Center at Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Aviv University Medical Faculty.

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