Doctor, are you going to hypnotize me like in the movies?

Workshop mit Gaby Golan

When we offer hypnosis to our patients, it is common that they have misconceptions about hypnosis, mostly due to the hypnosis they saw in movies and TV series. Usually hypnosis is presented in movies as a situation where the subject is losing his control, the hypnotist can do with him whatever he wants and the subject can’t resist the hypnotist’s suggestions. These misconceptions interfere with the hypnotic therapy as the patient has fears of what the therapist will do to him when he will be under hypnosis. As a result, his benefit of hypnosis will only be partial. During the intake the hypnotist should learn about the patients’ misconceptions and be more familiar with its origins – the movies and TV series. Then he can explain to the patient these misconceptions and prepare him to the hypnotic process.

The presentation will include movie scenes and explain the misconceptions that arise from those movies.


Dr. Gaby Golan