Workshop mit Yossi Adir

Aquatic Hypnotherapy, like any water based methods and hydrotherapy (watsu, waterdance, healing dance, and so forth) is a form of holistic body work performed in 34-35°C warm water. It is creating a therapeutic space and inviting to playfully experience relinquishing and indulgence, flow and harmony, silence and meditation. It is using rhythmical sequences of above and underwater movements alternating with stretching techniques. The purpose is to harmonize the energy flow, enhance flexibility, mind-body consciousness and wellbeing.

After a number of minutes in the water while the client is floating weightlessly, moved and stretched , he/she is provided with a nose clip, invited to go underwater, let go, and trustingly let him/herself be carried by the hydrotherapist in a three dimensional flow of circles and spirals through the water. This is an amazing emotional, psychological, and physical experience. A chance to experience the essence of ZEN: to just be, let go, without doing anything, and/or going into deep hypnotic trance.

Both client and therapist are attuned to one another like in a gentle dance, at times reminding of aikido, tai chi, or even the floating of a fetus in his mother’s womb. This is likely to initiate deepest hypnotic trance states that may be accompanied by age regression or beneficial subconscious processing and healing.

In this workshop we will experience and utilize aquatic therapy as a means of physical, psychological-mental, emotional, and spiritual process.

The whole workshop will be inside the pool, will start in an introduction in the beginning and will end in sharing and discussion.


Yossi Adir, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Breath Therapist